Walk instructions for the event

Please read these before you select your days walk

The generic route map  20 - 24 September 2021

Event registration document

please bring a copy with you on the day along with your ticket so we can check who is walking

Suggested personal clothing, equipment and maps



Car Park instruction at Start Point (SPt) and Finish point (FPt)

•Manned times 

-  The SPt will be manned from 0900- 1015 daily 

-  The FPt will be manned from 0830 - 1000 daily and approimately1500 - 1630 daily, except Day 5 (24th), which has separate arrangements 


- You need to be at the SP by no later than 0945 for registration and safety briefing, with a 10.00 departure. 

- The SPt and FPt are 10-15km apart. Please arrange for your own transport between the two prior to and after the event. We can put you in touch with other walkers on the day to share a lift (send an email to mndaandssafa100km@gmail.com and we will try and link you together if travelling alone). We suggest you drop one car at the FPt and then travel in another to the SPt. 


-  Cars are left at owner's risk.

-  Please note Wiltshire Police strongly advise you against leaving items visible in your car. There have been thefts from cars on Salisbury Plain. 

- We will have mobile patrols visiting the car park sites each day and for parts of the day a physical presence.


Stay on the signposted byeways.
Obey all MOD Bye Laws and Range Safety signs and red danger flags as well as instructions from Training Area Marshals.
Do not touch any unfamiliar objects.
Keep out of all military buildings, bunkers and installations.
Do not interfere with any military training taking place.
Follow the Country Code.